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                Important Information

                AASA Governing Board Election Materials

                Nomination Period: February 5 through March 5, 2018


To:       Members of the Vermont Superintendents Association and the American Association of School Administrators


From:   Jeffrey Francis, Executive Director


Date:   February 5, 2018


Re:       Electing a Member to the AASA Governing Board


In May 2003, the membership of the American Association of School Administrators voted to establish a representative governing board.  The representative governing board modified AASA governance and replaced the AASA delegate assembly.


As a chartered affiliate of AASA with less than one hundred members, the Vermont Superintendents Association is represented by two (2) representatives to the Governing Board.


It is now time to elect a representative to the Board for the three-year term beginning July 2018 and extending through June 30, 2021. 


Currently, VSA’s representatives to the AASA Governing Board are Champlain Valley School District Superintendent, Elaine Pinckney and Mill River Unified Union School District Superintendent, David Younce. 


Elaine’s term runs through June, 2018. Having served two terms, she is not eligible to run again.  David is in his first term, which runs through 2020.


Elected representatives to the Governing Board attend two meetings of the Governing Board each fiscal year - one in February and one in July.  Expenses for the February meeting, which is held in conjunction with the AASA National Convention, are the responsibility of each Governing Board member.  The July meeting is being held July 10 – 12 in Washington DC.  Expenses for attending the July meeting will be reimbursed by AASA.    


The VSA Board of Trustees has approved a plan for electing members to the AASA Governing Board in accordance with the AASA Bylaws.  The election plan and the applicable article (Article IX) of the AASA Bylaws are enclosed for your review.


On behalf of the VSA Board of Trustees, I encourage you to consider nominating a colleague for this prominent position.  You will note on the approved election plan that women and minorities are encouraged to seek election to these posts. To nominate an eligible colleague for governing board representative, please use the enclosed nomination form and return it to VSA by fax or conventional mail.  Remember, to be considered eligible all nominations must be postmarked no later than March 6, 2018.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this process.




            Plan for Electing Representative to the AASA Governing Bd. for 2018

            Nomination Form

            AASA Bylaws – Governing Bd. Responsibilities

            List of VSA Members Who Have Served

Nominations are Closed
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