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Libby Bonesteel: Montpelier - Roxbury School District

Libby Bonesteel is Montpelier - Roxbury School District’s first superintendent. Prior to this appointment, Libby was Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union. She also has experience as a consultant, adjunct professor, teacher development coordinator, co-principal, principal, and teacher. She holds master’s degrees from Michigan State University and Columbia University’s Teachers College and a bachelor’s degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She resides in Jericho with her family.


How do you define the role of superintendent?


In her July 6, 2018 interview with The Bridge, Superintendent Bonesteel described superintendents: “As the lead learner of any system, as the person who’s responsible to ensure all students are learning and that we have the systems in place to make that happen. Those are the things that I’ll be looking at and really studying with my leadership team.”


What are some of your goals as a first-year superintendent?


This year I want to take the time to build relationships with the faculty, students, parents, and community and truly learn the systems we have in place already as well as begin targeting systems that might be lacking.


What is one fun fact about yourself?


Always such a tricky question. I'm a used-to-be-highly-competitive-athlete, turned sewer (one who sews :)).

Adam Taylor: Rutland City Public Schools

Sheila Soule: Addison Northwest School District

Sheila Soule is the new superintendent for Addison Northwest School District. Prior to this appointment, Sheila was Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction at Harwood Unified School District. She also has experience as an adjunct instructor, principal, and teacher. She holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Vermont and her undergraduate degree is from Johnson State.

How do you define the role of superintendent?

The Superintendent leads change by setting the direction and tone and by bringing harmony to seemingly and often competing demands of the Board, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members.


What are some of your goals as a first-year superintendent?

Listen, Learn and Survive! My year one priority is to build relationships and cultivate trust. I also think it is important to find the right balance between initiating needed change to improve student outcomes, without causing undo stress on the organization.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

If I'm not at work I'm probably on a trail with my four-legged friend. 

Amy Rex: Milton Town School District

Amy Rex is the new superintendent of Milton Town School District. Amy's career in education began in a residential program for adolescent boys in need of intensive academic and social/emotional support. She then taught middle school social studies for 10 years at Lamoille Union Middle School in Vermont where she was also a team leader. She served as principal for the Danville School, Harwood Union Middle and High School, and in the Berkshires before deciding to take on the role of superintendent.  


She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of MA, Amherst and her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont. She also attended the Vermont Snelling Leadership Institute and the Vermont Superintendent’s Academy.

How do you define the role of superintendent?

I see all leadership roles in education as a call to service; below is a synopsis of how I define that service.


I am an educational leader who is passionately committed to learning that encompasses equity and excellence for all students, the collective capacity of the professional staff, and my own growth and development as an educator.  I am also passionately committed to a shared model of leadership; one that includes teachers, the voices of students, and provides opportunities for each member to develop his/her own leadership skills in authentic and meaningful ways.  

I believe that a school district is a learning organization, and the educational system is built on the tenets of rigor, relevance, relationships, and shared responsibility.  Students are at the center and are empowered to take ownership of their learning and future while being supported by collaborative, symbiotic partnerships with all stakeholders.

I am also passionately committed to the cultural and physical landscape of Vermont which at times seems to be one of the same – formidable courage and perseverance, tranquil beauty, and stoic humor drawn together by a common experience and appreciation for community. It is the cornerstone of Vermont public education.


What are some of your goals as a first-year superintendent?

  • Be inside my surroundings - listen and learn; create connections and build relationships

  • Broaden my lens - work and practice with others (leadership and administrative teams, board and community) so collectively we share a path and are united in our work with students.

  • Balance my energy - time and attention to important tasks as well as time for reflection and revision

Superintendent Adam Taylor joined the Rutland City Public Schools in July 2018. He served as Executive Director/ Regional Superintendent of the West Contra Costa Unified School District from 2012-2018, where he supported Pre-K-Adult Education. In that role, he assisted in the launch of several district wide programs to support African-American students interested in STEM. He had the pleasure of supporting 14 California Blue Ribbon schools and two California Distinguished schools. He also served in the capacity of district athletic director, director of climate and safety and provide directed service to students and staff. Prior to West Contra Costa he served as a principal of Brookfield Village Elementary in the Oakland Unified School District


Prior to joining West Contra Costa Unified, he was employed by Oakland Unified School District for 17 years located in Oakland, California. During this period, he served as a Dropout Prevention Specialist, classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal. During his tenure as Principal of Brookfield Elementary he was able to collaborate with staff and a variety of community based organizations to move the school out of Program Improvement.

He attended California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO), earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. He earned his teaching credential and Master of Arts in Education with a minor of Curriculum and Instruction from Patten University. He received his administrative credential with New Leaders for New Schools in a joint credentialing program with California State University East Bay.


How do you define the role of superintendent?

He defines the role of Superintendent as a servant to the community. He believes that the Superintendent should be an instructional leader that motivates and inspires every member of the school community to ensure every child is college and career ready.


What are some of your goals as a first-year superintendent?

His goals as a first-year Superintendent are to listen and learn. He plans to focus his energy on K-8th grades ensuring they are the solid foundation required for preparing all students to be college and career ready and enjoy life-long success. He also plans to celebrate the success of students and staff. His final plan is to make modifications to the district and school websites. Every Student, Every Day!

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