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2018 Frederick H. Tuttle Superintendent of the Year

John Alberghini of the Chittenden East Supervisory Union 

The Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA) has recognized Superintendent John Alberghini of the Chittenden East Supervisory Union and the Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District as the 2018 Frederick H. Tuttle Superintendent of the Year. Alberghini was honored by his colleagues at the Association’s recent annual conference.


The recognition commemorates long-time Vermont superintendent and children’s advocate Frederick H. Tuttle and recognizes a Vermont superintendent who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in service to students, communities and public education.

In presenting the award, Superintendent Elaine Pinckney of the neighboring Champlain Valley School District said this, “John Alberghini serves in the model of Frederick H. Tuttle. He has an enduring commitment to the students and families he serves. He cares most about people - but knows finance and is highly skilled at managing complex systems. He leads quietly, calmly and is a voice for what students deserve.”


John Alberghini has been the superintendent for the Chittenden East Supervisory Union since 2010. He served as co-superintendent of the Supervisory Union from 2008 to 2010. During his tenure, he has earned the respect of his colleagues because of his significant contributions on behalf of students, the school system and the community.


Superintendent Alberghini is regarded as a quiet scholar, effective administrator and exemplary leader. He has supported Chittenden East teachers and administrators in implementing proficiency-based education, personalized learning, and flexible pathways. Significantly, in this era of increasing obligations for schools and a focus on efficiency, John Alberghini has emphasized a systems focus in order to better serve students as cost- effectively as possible. He is regarded as a leader who promotes the most purposeful investments on behalf of the education system he leads and taxpayers in the communities of the Chittenden East Supervisory Union.

Under Alberghini’s leadership, and that of the school board members with whom he works, the Chittenden East Supervisory Union and the towns of the Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District (MMMUSD) were forerunners in Vermont’s effort to strategically unify school districts. Undaunted by the political and logistical challenges of merger, John provided focused leadership in the process that resulted in the MMMUSD formation. The unification of districts that are now members of MMMUSD has created more system-wide efficiency as well as increased educational opportunities including interdistrict school choice and a growing foreign language immersion program. Superintendent Alberghini’s leadership focus emphasizes equitable opportunity for all students and efficiency.

In acknowledging Superintendent Alberghini’s recognition, MMMUSD Board Chair Andrew Pond said this, “John Alberghini has provided exceptional leadership for the communities of Bolton, Huntington, Jericho, Richmond, Underhill and beyond. He is very attentive to the day to day operational issues associated with running an efficient school system while keeping the best interests of students at the forefront. John conducts himself with honesty and integrity and has been an outstanding steward as our districts and schools respond to dynamic change for public education and our schools and communities. We are proud to have him working with us, on behalf students and taxpayers.”

About the Award


Frederick H. Tuttle Award Vermont Superintendent of the Year

The Vermont Superintendents Association invites your nominations for the Frederick H. Tuttle Service Award.  The award, a tribute to Vermont’s Superintendent of the Year, is intended to recognize a member of the Vermont Superintendents Association who has demonstrated exceptional leadership for the benefit of students and public education.


The recipient of the award becomes Vermont’s nominee for AASA’s annual Superintendent of the Year nomination.  In addition to the recognition of his/her peers, the Frederick H. Tuttle Service Award recipient receives a stipend equal to AASA National Conference registration cost and airfare to the conference city.  The recipient will also have his/her name mounted on a plaque at the VSA office.

Award Criteria




Superintendent members of the Vermont Superintendents Association who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their district, community, state and professional association for the benefit of students and public education.




A.   Nominations must be submitted by another superintendent member of the Vermont Superintendents Association by completing the online form.


B.   Nominations must be submitted using the online form before the first Friday in April. (April 6, 2018)


C.   The President of the Vermont Superintendents Association will select a panel of five VSA members representing VSA’s five regional groups to evaluate the nominations and make a recommendation with respect to the award.  Evaluation committee members will remain anonymous.


D.   The Vermont Superintendents Associations will recognize the award winner at its spring meeting.


E.   The recipient of the Frederick H. Tuttle Award will become Vermont’s nomination for American Association of School Administrators Superintendent of the Year Award.


The Frederick H. Tuttle Recognition will be awarded on a merit basis and is not necessarily intended to be an annual presentation.

About Frederick H. Tuttle


Frederick H. Tuttle began his education career in 1959, when, as a recent graduate of Middlebury College, he taught language arts at Lyman C. Hunt Junior High School.  After four years as a teacher, he became the school’s assistant principal and later served the same role at Burlington High School. In 1970, Mr. Tuttle became the Assistant Superintendent for the South Burlington School District.  He was appointed Superintendent one year later, a position he held for more than 20 years. Mr. Tuttle died after a heroic battle with cancer on June 7, 1992. The City of South Burlington renamed its middle school the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in his honor.


Fred Tuttle was a quiet scholar of English literature and a respected and exemplary administrator.  In a job that involves finance and bureaucracy, Tuttle cared most about people. He treated everyone with whom he interacted with respect, interest, and attention.  Tuttle helped recruit high-quality, experienced teachers and principals who shared his respect for children. Under his leadership, the South Burlington School District gained national and state recognition for educational quality.  Mr. Tuttle remained committed to teaching and exemplified excellent leadership. He was a gentle person and an extraordinary gentleman who rarely gave orders and frequently offered his assistance to others.


Mr. Tuttle devoted large amounts of his time to his professional associations and was an active member in the Vermont Superintendents Association, where he served as a Trustee and Secretary.  He was also active in the Champlain Valley Superintendents Association, the American Association of School Administrators, and Phi Delta Kappa. Mr. Tuttle served as on the Board of Trustees of the Medical Center of Vermont.  Throughout Tuttle’s 33 years as an educator, he was known as an individual who embodied the best of what public education provides to children and to the community. Frederick H. Tuttle earned the respect and admiration of all who knew him.

Previous Award Recipients 


2018: John Alberghini, Chittenden East SU

2017: Jay Nichols, Franklin Northeast SU


2016: Tracy Wrend, Lamoille South SU

2015: Ron Ryan, Addison-Rutland SU

2014:  Brent Kay,  Orange Southwest SU


2013:  Elaine Pinckney, Chittenden South SU


2012: Ron Stahley, Windham Southeast SU


2011: Jeanne Collins, Burlington SD


2010: Tom O'Brien, Addison Northwest SU


2009: Dan French, Bennington-Rutland SU


2008: Mike Deweese, Chittenden Central SU


2007: Brenda Needham, Windsor SD

2006: Mary Moran, Rutland City Public SD

2005: Carl Mock, Hartford SD


2004: Lyman Amsden, Burlington SD


2003: Bruce Chattman, South Burlington SD


2002: William J. Mathis, Rutland Northeast SU


2001: James Lombardo, Addison Central SU


2000: Raymond J. McNulty, Windham Southeast SU


1998: Wayne T. Murray, Essex North SU


1997: Henry J. Burnham, Rutland South SU


1996: Brian C. O'Regan, Montpelier SD


1995: Alice W. Angney, Lamoille South SU


1994: Harold M. Boyden, Chittenden East SU


1993: Raymond J. Proulx, Essex Town SD

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