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2019/20 Vermont Education Directory Errata Sheet


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Vermont Agency of Education Updates

Page iv           Data Management & Administration Team

Assessment Team

Goma Mabika, NAEP Assessment Coordinator– 828-0503

Gabriel McGann, Assessment Coordinator – 828-0504

Linda Moreno, Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations – 828-0505


Page iv           Educator Quality Division

General Number:     828-3440

Patrick Halladay       828-0692

Josh Souliere                       828-0790

Rebecca Gile                        828-2933

Amy Scalabrini         828-0699


Page iv           Educator Quality Assurance

Marianna Charalabopoulos           828-1199

Jenn Dale                  828-1290

Kevin Doering                      828-1192

Lori Dolezal               828-1128

Donna Stafford         828-1201

New:   Toni Marra, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator             828-1206      


Page v            Independent Schools

Deborah Ormsbee               828-1226

Patricia Pallas Gray             828-3991


Page v            In-service Education Quality

Ron Ryan                              828-1228

Deborah Giles                      828-1252

Josh McCormick                   828-1268

Lisa Pierson                          828-1278

Andrew Prowten                  828-1474

Catherine Wilkins                828-1239


Page v            Pre-service Educator Quality

Terry Reilly                           828-1306

Ellen Cairns                          828-1325

Wendy Scott                          828-1332

General Licensing Inquiries:

Educator Quality Help Line            828-3440

Educator Quality Help Line Fax Number             828-6433


Page v            Federal and Education Support Programs

Anne Bordonaro                  828-1388

Jesse Roy                             828-1390

Amber Graves                      828-2509


Page v            Child Nutrition

Mary (Rosie) Krueger          828-1589

Ailynne Adams                     828-1626

Denise Blankenship            828-2089

Michael Carr                         828-2093

Becca Cochran                    828-1610

Jamie Curley                        828-2010

Jennifer Hutchinson            828-2025

Cheryl Rogers                      828-1590

Anastasia Tsekeris              828-7233


Page vi           Consolidated Federal Programs

Kristine Seipel                      828-1447

Karen Abbott                         828-4370

Megan Kinlock                     828-1472

James McCobb                    828-1533

Tammy Pregent                   828-1450

Katy Preston                         828-1468


Page vi           Student & Educator Support

Alicia Hanrahan                   828-1574

Beth Keister                          828-1579

Marianne Robotham           828-1581

Cathy Scott                            828-1584

Marni Troop                           828-1585


Federal & Educational Support Programs Fax Number            828-6433

Home Study Technical Assistance Line                                      828-6225

Home Study Technical Assistance Fax Number                        828-6433

Special Education Technical Assistance Line                            828-1256


Information Technology Help Desk                                             828-1017



Page 9           Twinfield USD                                  Athletic Director is Stacey Fox


Page 12         Colchester HS                                  Athletic Director is Mark Ellingson


Page 16         Franklin Northeast SU                    Email format is:


Page 24         Peoples Academy                            Athletic Director is Matt Ehrenriech

                        Stowe Middle School                      Athletic Director is Kevin Lipple


Page 31         Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

New address: 10 River Road, Jericho, VT  05465

The phone number remains the same: 802-434-2128


Page 34         Blue Mountain Union School         Enrollment should be 438


Page 35         Randolph UHS                                 Athletic Director is Ben Diller        


Page 60         Bridge School                       Jennifer Grilly and Amanda Warren, Co- Directors


Page 60         Brookhaven Learning Center        Contact: Rocky Spino


Page 61         Christ the King, Burlington             Contact Craig Dwyer


Page 62         Greenwood School                          Head of School: Anne Swayze


Page 63         Lake Champlain Waldorf School  Jas Darland


Page 63         Maple Street School                        Head of School: Cricket Mikheev


Page 67         Vermont Academy of Science and Technology             Contact: Steve Airoldi


Page 68         New approved school:        Priority Placements, Inc.

PO Box 2428

Brattleboro, VT 05303

Contact: Leslie Todd, Grades K-12, phone 258-1556.


Page 68         New approved tutorial:        Inclusion TABs Program

1138 Pine Street

Burlington, VT 05401

Contact: Kristie Reed, phone: 488-6655


Page 70         Cornerstone Christian School (The Fold, Inc) has changed its name to:

Elevation Christian Academy.        Contact: Holly Goodwin


Page 72         United Christian Academy             Contact: Dr. Vincent Montoro


Page 73         Green Mountain College – Closed May 2019


Page 76         Vermont College of Fine Arts – Interim President, Leslie Ward

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