The 2019/20 Vermont Education Directory Will be Available in September, 2019

Vermont Agency of Education Updates

Page iv           Data Management & Administration Team

Assessment Team

Goma Mabika, NAEP Assessment Coordinator– 828-0503

Gabriel McGann, Assessment Coordinator – 828-0504

Linda Moreno, Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations – 828-0505


Page iv           Educator Quality Division

General Number:     828-3440

Patrick Halladay       828-0692

Josh Souliere                       828-0790

Rebecca Gile                        828-2933

Amy Scalabrini         828-0699


Page iv           Educator Quality Assurance

Marianna Charalabopoulos           828-1199

Jenn Dale                  828-1290

Kevin Doering                      828-1192

Lori Dolezal               828-1128

Donna Stafford         828-1201

New:   Toni Marra, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator             828-1206      


Page v            Independent Schools

Deborah Ormsbee               828-1226

Patricia Pallas Gray             828-3991


Page v            In-service Education Quality

Ron Ryan                              828-1228

Deborah Giles                      828-1252

Josh McCormick                   828-1268

Lisa Pierson                          828-1278

Andrew Prowten                  828-1474

Catherine Wilkins                828-1239


Page v            Pre-service Educator Quality

Terry Reilly                           828-1306

Ellen Cairns                          828-1325

Wendy Scott                          828-1332

General Licensing Inquiries:

Educator Quality Help Line            828-3440

Educator Quality Help Line Fax Number             828-6433

Page v            Federal and Education Support Programs

Anne Bordonaro                  828-1388

Jesse Roy                             828-1390

Amber Graves                      828-2509


Page v            Child Nutrition

Mary (Rosie) Krueger          828-1589

Ailynne Adams                     828-1626

Denise Blankenship            828-2089

Michael Carr                         828-2093

Becca Cochran                    828-1610

Jamie Curley                        828-2010

Jennifer Hutchinson            828-2025

Cheryl Rogers                      828-1590

Anastasia Tsekeris              828-7233


Page vi           Consolidated Federal Programs

Kristine Seipel                      828-1447

Karen Abbott                         828-4370

Megan Kinlock                     828-1472

James McCobb                    828-1533

Tammy Pregent                   828-1450

Katy Preston                         828-1468


Page vi           Student & Educator Support

Alicia Hanrahan                   828-1574

Beth Keister                          828-1579

Marianne Robotham           828-1581

Cathy Scott                            828-1584

Marni Troop                           828-1585


Federal & Educational Support Programs Fax Number            828-6433

Home Study Technical Assistance Line                                      828-6225

Home Study Technical Assistance Fax Number                        828-6433

Special Education Technical Assistance Line                            828-1256


Information Technology Help Desk                                             828-1017



Page 9           Twinfield USD                                  Athletic Director is Stacey Fox


Page 12         Colchester HS                                  Athletic Director is Mark Ellingson


Page 16         Franklin Northeast SU                    Email format is:


Page 24         Peoples Academy                            Athletic Director is Matt Ehrenriech

                        Stowe Middle School                      Athletic Director is Kevin Lipple



Page 31         Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

New address: 10 River Road, Jericho, VT  05465

The phone number remains the same: 802-434-2128


Page 34         Blue Mountain Union School         Enrollment should be 438


Page 35         Randolph UHS                                 Athletic Director is Ben Diller

Page 42         Chamberlin School                          Fax # is 802-652-7426


Page 60         Bridge School                       Jennifer Grilly and Amanda Warren, Co- Directors


Page 60         Brookhaven Learning Center        Contact: Rocky Spino


Page 61         Christ the King, Burlington             Contact Craig Dwyer


Page 62         Greenwood School                          Head of School: Anne Swayze


Page 63         Lake Champlain Waldorf School  Jas Darland


Page 63         Maple Street School                        Head of School: Cricket Mikheev


Page 64         Mill School (The)      New Address: 278 East Allen Street, Winooski, VT 05404


Page 64         Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy has changed its name to Mt. Mansfield Ski Club

and Academy.


Page 67         Vermont Academy of Science and Technology             Contact: Steve Airoldi


Page 68         New approved school:        Priority Placements, Inc.

PO Box 2428

Brattleboro, VT 05303

Contact: Leslie Todd, Grades K-12, phone 258-1556.


Page 68         New approved tutorial:        Inclusion TABs Program

1138 Pine Street

Burlington, VT 05401

Contact: Kristie Reed, phone: 488-6655


Page 70         Cornerstone Christian School (The Fold, Inc) has changed its name to:

Elevation Christian Academy.        Contact: Holly Goodwin


Page 72         United Christian Academy             Contact: Dr. Vincent Montoro


Page 73         Green Mountain College – Closed May 2019


Page 76         Vermont College of Fine Arts – Interim President, Leslie Ward

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